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New and high quality.
Eliminate any unwanted odor or odor from your hands after handling things like onion, garlic, fish etc.
To get rid of unwanted odors from your hands, simply use this as a bar of soap and run cold water
On him while rubbing his hands.
The science of this is that ingredients like onion, garlic, and fish emit sulfur that makes the odor stain
Stainless steel would attract and tie with sulfur to remove the smell from your hands.
All you need is one because it will last forever.
Shape: like soap.
Material: stainless steel.
Dimension: 65mm x 47mm x 15mm

1. Steel soap while rubbing hands, while rinsing with running water can take 30-60 seconds. Delete all
Types of odor, without detergent;
2. Wet towels in mass (or soaked in steel soaked in half bowl water) but also when the refrigerator in addition
To taste, it can also be placed in the kitchen, the bathroom, in addition to the flavor;
3. Note: do not burn, boil water, disassemble violence and disassemble direct friction tableware, etc., it may get wet
Towel or crockery package pieces half soak for some time, rinse with water, can remove the smell of cutlery;
4. It can adsorb and decompose the room decoration of formaldehyde and other toxic gas molecules,
Love steel soaked in water soaked in half a bowl of water, in the renovated room It can be;
5. Can eliminate the smell of pet litter, love the medium steel soap soaked in a bowl of water, in the nest near the pet can;
6. In addition to the armpit smell, taking a bath wet body mass towel can be;
7. In addition to foot odor, there may be a damp towel to scrub odorous feet;
8. Eliminate the smell of Medicine, disinfectant water, banknote smell, gasoline smell, diesel smell, most of
The odor, the use of parameters, must be used together with the water.
Product lifespan of up to a decade, one purchase, long-term benefit.

Inclueds package:
1 Pc x Stainless Steel Soap



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Stainless Steel

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