Natural soap bars ukanti-wrinkle and anti-aging hand made LANBENA natural soap good for eczema


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Selection of high quality ingredients to protect your skin, safe, colorless, without stimulation, respectful with the environment and without negative effects.

Clean your skin and brighten your skin, plump, moisturize, remove darkness around the face area, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.

Delicate foam, also suitable for babies and pregnant women.

Organic and natural ingredients, combined with pure essential oils form our base: one of the mildest and most hydrating soaps.

Delicate soap, perfect facial cleansing, soothes and hydrates all skin types (including dry or sensitive skin).

Rich in 24 carat gold, gently nourishing, smooth, water beautifying.

Say goodbye to fine lines, dry skin, rough skin, and sagging skin.

A warm bath paired with our Soap will melt stress while nourishing the skin.

Multifunctional, perfect for cleaning the face, washing hands, bathing, shaving beards, etc.

You will feel fresh and ready to enjoy what comes next!

It is also a great gift for your families and friends.


The 24-karat gold and natural seaweed extracts blend perfectly for total absorption of free radicals, strengthening cellular metabolism and resistance to oxidation. With neroli oil, the product can effectively reduce wrinkles and skin aging, deeply moisturize and increase skin elasticity. Suitable for all kinds of skin types, you can try it.

Graphite Crucible Mini Gold Furnace Metal Melting Torch:

1 * handmade soap

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