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Natural Herbal Toothpaste Thailand Tooth Whitening Toothpaste Antibacterial Mint Oral Cleaning TSLM2


Thai herbs like asteraceae (compounds). Auraceae. menthol. Clove oil. Camphor. camphor borneol. Sodium Loryl Sulfate. No preservatives

Nail: Cardamom results in a pungent fragrance containing essential oils 5-9 percent effective in carminative and inhibitor of the growth of some bacteria in a blood hook for the elements, the wind turns off the element. Close the elements, the wind, the phlegm the wind, treat the firmly inflated Swollen Pyorrhea. The League of the Wind results from cardamom, dried used as a spice.

Menthol: Sterile use.> Menthol – is an extract of peppermint oil, which is derived from the Mentha piperita plant for external use only to reduce pain sterilized and used as a carminative.

Camphor: it is used as a mild antiseptic.

Borneol Camphor: Helps the mouth fragrance, treatment of mouth ulcers, fresh and cooling of the mouth and throat.


1. Reduces swelling of the gums / ggivitis (inflammation of the gums)

2 bleeding chewing gum

3. Tartar (a hard calcified deposit that forms on the teeth and contributes to its decay).

4 bad breath

5 teeth whitening

6. Works as Anti-bacteria

The toothpaste will notice the difference after use. Herbal Clove Toothpaste helps remove limestone from cigarettes, tea, coffee, and whitening teeth. Reduced to having a hypersensitive tooth and Anti bacteria. You will have a long-lasting fresh air


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